My love for art developed at a young age, inspired by a family and community that appreciated its many forms.  My interest evolved through different mediums as I grew up in Perth, Ontario, Canada.

At the age of 17 I apprenticed with Raphael Kerem, an artist of rustic, wooden hand-painted broomsticks.  I assimilated Raphael’s fascination with Tibetan Buddhist border patterns and intricate motifs.  I explored various styles, but my interest always gravitated towards sharp, intensely colorful patterns that are complex, balanced and precise.

I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1997 where I completed a degree in Computing Science with a minor in Contemporary Arts.  I began my career as a graphics and video game programmer.

In 2006 I designed major renovations to my 1910 character home which included several windows and doors where I wanted to use stained glass.  I created a design for an arched loft window, and had it commissioned by Vancouver stained glass artist Ken Tomilson.  I formed a friendship with Ken, who mentored me in the art of stained glass.  Soon, I was busy creating the remaining stained glass windows for my home.

My growing fascination with the endless possibilities of stained glass overtook other interests and I opened shop to the public in 2007. I spent 3 years in Vancouver working on a wide variety of projects both contemporary and traditional.

In 2010, I moved to the mountains near Boulder, Colorado, where I began to spend more time producing freelance work such as Warrior’s AffinityEclipseMysticism of NatureAbstract Triptych, New Beginnings, and After the Eclipse.

My beloved friend and mentor, Ken Tomilson, passed away in 2016 and I had the honor of spreading a portion of his ashes on top of Blue Peak near Independence Pass, Colorado in June of 2017.

In late 2019, I bid farewell to my career as a software developer to pursue a second career as a life coach and to make more time for my art. I am now an ICF certified coach with a private practice and I specialize in working with clients interested in personal transformation, leadership, life vision enhancement and relationship coaching.

As of 2020, I now live in the beautiful and artistically vibrant town of Lyons, Colorado where my stained glass studio is open for tours by appointment.

I continue to accept new commission projects that resonate with my evolving interest in contemporary, original work. The commission design process is an exciting journey where I get to know you and your vision while bringing my own intuitive inspiration to the process. It is always a delight as I am just as surprised as my clients by what emerges.

I invite you to contact me to begin a conversation about what inspires you.

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